Welcome to BRING BLING JP!

Welcome to BRING BLING JP!
Thank you for visiting my site! For those of you who are crazy about JILL STUART COSMETICS, which is available only in Japan so far, I started supporting your shopping last year.

My small enterprise started when I found demand gaps on a particular thing among countries. Back then the Internet just started narrowing the world, and it also connected me to many friends all over the world. Through our give-and-take, I realized quality of lives of us could be changed dramatically with even tiny small things. Getting something different from what other people have makes you feel so special. I really understand that kind of feeling. People always want to be special, of course so do I. Unfortunately as I grew up, I had to have a main job to survive. So there is a couple of things that you need to know about BRING BLING JP.

-All stuff is purchased at MSR prices.
(I work at totally different area)
-Usually I don't line up for limited edition products.
(I understand how much you want em though...)
-No Refunds, No Exchanges.
(if you are concerned about products, please feel free to email me.)


(for some reasons, I have been reconstructing the whole system again. You may have some troubles through your order but I'll try my best to support your shopping.)