Shopping Info

Important Notice
I cannot ship anything on an IATA dangerous list.
Hair Color and Nail Color are categorized as dangerous items.

-The easiest way to purchase
JILL STUART COSMETICS from Japan with confidence. Just tell me what you want and I will get them at JILL STUART COSMETICS shops.
-Wide selection: you can pick up anything in store and on web unless they don't have it in stock.
-All products are brand new, authentic.

-Wherever you live in, I can send your grail at lower cost. *within EMS(International Express Mailing Service) support area only.
as of now, I have sent to the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, UAE, China, HongKong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Reliabilityworried about cheating?
I'll take a pic of your item with date and your name before you make a final payment. Sure, I welcome your early payment. All purchase is made at COSMETIC COUNTER in Japan. No used nor fake items.

All prices are calculated based on my purchasing prices.
All prices include tax and commitment fee.
Since I wanna make it clear, I let you know how I decide prices.
It's simple. (Retail+Sales Tax5%+ 8%)/*USD-JPY rate

As you find, 5~10% is commitment fee.
Please understand the prices may vary as currency rate moves.*all prices don't include shipping fee.
I ship out via standard Air Mail or Small Packet or EMS(International Express Mailing Service).
I ask buyers to pay EXACT SHIPPING COST only.

The price varies depending on where you live.
-I strongly recommend EMS.

-Air Mail(Small Packet) need to be registered on buyer's cost. +$4.
-Delivery time is based on your shipping region.
(EMS 2-5days, Air 7-12days)
*usually I put samples in EMS package as long as those don't affect weight
-please check the delay info beforehand.
-Shipping cost list.


-I usually ship to the address on paypal receipt unless other address is provided.

I prefer Paypal(http://www.paypal.com/), and payment in US$, which can lower the charges by Paypal.
Paypal accepts VISA, Master, American Express, DISCOVER.
YEH! No Charge for Credit Card Payment to buyers.
I'll send you an invoice after I check your order.
If you don't use Paypal I'll also accept Telegraph Transfer, which will cost you about USD20...(depends on your bank though), to my Citibank Japan account.
International Money Order can be used as a payment.(must be issued by a postal office!)
I typically ship once a week though I'll try to make it more often as time permits. When paying through Paypal, be sure to include the proper shipping address. This makes it a lot easier for me to keep track of things.

*I may ask deposite for big order and first order.

You can reach me directly at: bringblingjp@gmail.com.
Please keep mind that I have a day job and go errand on the side.
If you wait for days w/o replies, please send me a "reminder".
(Languages: English, 中國語 and 日本語. no other languages I can understand...)
Whole Sale
Please feel free to ask about whole sale.
We may be able to have big deal!

Best Regards,