Body Protector

Suger Body Scrub 300g

Body Milk 250mL Flower Bath Salt

Fruit and Aroma Mist 60mL

Rose(Normal)/ Lavendor(Moisture)
A new moist type that provides quick and easy rehydration has been added to the Fruit & Aroma Mist Series. This product is the perfect choice when your skin is feeling dry, when you want to touch-up your make-up, or when you need to reduce excess shine.
just spray the mist either before or after applying your make-up.
Showering a fine mist of lavender and fruit extracts, this mist moistens and refreshes your skin while reducing excess oil and shine.
Your skin is left supple, radiant and soft.

Brightning Eye Cream 19g

Fruit Lip Balm N 7g00 Clear type
01 Peach-tinted type

Fruit Hand Cream N 72g
Pore Solid Essense 4g
Berry Scrub 126g
Cleansing Oil 200mL
-how to use
push 3-4 times and clean make off
Facial Soap 100g

Cream Wash 132g

Softening Fluid 150mL

Hydro-Filler I・II 150mL
I is fresh texture/II is moist texture.

Day Care Essense 29g
Jelly Aroma Spots 15mL