Jelly Eye Color N13 colors
01 diamond snow/ 02 gold light
03 platinum satin/ 04 mint sorbet
05 angelic glint/ 06 berry sparkle
07 jewel flash/ 08 crystal sky
09 midnight shine/ 10 vintage deco
11 frosty candy/ 12 twinkle star
13 antique chiffon

Jelly Eye Color changed its package and texture.
Makeup lasts longer than previous type.
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Jewel Crystal Eyes
real picture01 crystal ruby/ 02 eternal platinum
03 princess sapphire/ 04 pink cameo
05 romantic onyx

Illuminance Eyes
real picture
01 jewel dress/ 02 fantastic light/
03 brocade gold/ 04 aqua crystal
06 blossoming shine/07 layered gem
08 dazzling moon
1. A(diamond sparkle) glitter tone
2. B(light dazzle) gives lightness
3. C(shimmer accent) accent color
4. D(deep grow) hilighten above colors
・Like wearing a sparkling diamond. Eye colors for nuanced eyes with a shine that comes from a fine balance of 4 layered colors.
・Light velvety texture that provides a long-lasting finish.
・Continuous clear color and radiance for a beautiful finish w/o creasing or dullness.・Octagon-cut eye colors are like beautiful jewelry arranged in an elegant design. The mirror, crystal motif, and the arabeque pattern, all loved by JillStuart, are combined in the vintage and modern compact.
・Includes a dual-tip applicator that holds just the right amount for easy application and the creation of subtle eye coloring.
・Contains Pure Crystal Powder
・Crystal floral bouquet fragrance.
-Directions for use・Start by adding "Light Dazzle" to the area you wish to highlight. Then apply "Shimmer Accent" and "Deep Glow" in that order, to intensify the effect. Finish with "Diamond Sparkle" around the edges of the eye to complete the look.

Liquid Eyeliner01 steel black / 02 glister bronze
03 claret spark/ 06 tauperrist
smoothy lush and easy to write
composing pure crystal powder
crystal flora bouquet flavor

Extra Volume Mascara
01 pure black

Extra Curl Mascara Waterproof01 pure black
soft and creamy base.
keep the finish if ever get wet
easy use comb & coil
Eyeliner Pencil01 charcoal black / 02 champagne bubble
smooth touch
coming with a tip for gradating
keep for a long
Eyebrow Pencil01 leafy beige / 02 heather brown / 03 willow bark
chiffon natural color which easily get gradated
coming with a screw brush for gradating
the finish keep for a long time
Makeup Remover(eye&lip)
2 layered type(upper oil, lower water)
going smoothly with any kind of makeup and cleanning up
crystal floral flavor shake the bottle and mix the 2 layers well