Blush Blossom

01 romantic sweet pea/ 02 sweet mum
03 lady amaryllis/ 04 seductive rose
06 little anemone
Mix Blush Compact

01 baby blush/06 fresh apricot
07 lovely tulip/08 romantic popy
09 little bouquet/ 10 sweet biscuit
11 rose fairy/12 candy orange
13 milky strawberry
・Cheek color collection that lets you enjoy blending 4 different colors.
・It's powder but it's not moist with a smooth texture, like it's melting onto your skin.
・Wax that melts at skin temperature allows you to apply the powder evenly.
・The translucent color becomes glossy as soon as you apply it to your sking.
・It contains a fluid oil and powder that produce an excellent gloss.
・Glides smoothly onto your skin and creates a glossy finish.
・Depending on your mood and the look you wan to create, this cheek color collection lets you fashion various nuances of pink by freely mixing the 4 diffrent colors.
・Beautiful finish that lasts for hours
・Comes with a special brush made from 100% natural goat hair.
・Contains Pure Crystal Powder.
・Crystal floral bouquet fragrance.