01 catseye wink/ 02 sweet ruby
03 ruberite dazzle/ 04 little sapphire
05 tourmaline love/ 06 amethyst dew
07 romantic quartz/ 08 princess opal
09 coral kiss/ 10 fancy garnet

Jelly Lip Glossclick to enlarge a picture
01 romantic crystal/ 02 sweet marshmallow
03 dolly kiss/ baby petal
05 frosted cherry/ 06 pure dew
07 dusk rose/ 08 pink almond
09 venus flash/ 10 apricot sorbet
13 melty nector(limited) -2 left
14 vanilla pink(limited) - 2 left
15 sensual nude/ 16 heavenly star
20 peach melba
Spreads lightly and smoothly for easy application. gives your lips a soft, full look.
Glossy coat remains firmly in place for a long-lasting shiny finish.
The tube's disgonal cut enables easy application onto your lips.
Contains pure crystal powder(excluding 06)
Crystal floral bouquet fragrance.
-Directions for use
Apply directly from the tube and spread over your lips, or take an appropriate amount on your fingertip or a brush and apply.
-Beauty Essences
Rosehip Oil
Almond Oil

Lip Stick02,04,06,16,18 only
other colors are no longer available.

lush and shiney finish
spread like lip-cream
composing pure crystal powder
crystal flora bouquet flavor

Lip Liner Pencil01 meringue/02 bittersweet/ 03 mauve ice
04 little pinky/ 05 apple blossom/ 06 crashed raspberry
spread lightly ana fit lips evenly
clear color with brightness and pearl feeling
coming with a brush for natural finish
composing pure crystal powder
no perfumery