Face Powder Brush
Hand Mirror-features
"diamond is girl's best friend!"
brillian cut motif, like venetian glass
swarovski glass in the center
big enouogh for looking at your face
owning it makes you happy!
Compact Mirror
standing type
coming with a porch for the mirror
(*I'll measure the size soon)

Nail File
coarse and fine face(logo side)
made of stainless
coming with a soft case
Eye Lush Curler-features
coming with extra gum
(extra gum $1.6 for 2)
Pouch I
*because of oversize, it's a bit expensive.
JILL STUART Pink and black color
line stones on zipper
partition for Lip Stick, Brush, Pencil etc

Present Box MM: W16.5cm, D7cm, H10cm
L: W20cm, D9.5cm, H14cm

Eye Color Brush I
using Sable hair(musteline) which is good for skin
100% natural hair

Eye Color tip I
large and small tips

Lip Brush I
flat head whish is good for delination
seasel hair(musteline) which is tough
100% natural hair

Blotting Paper NRefill $6.5 (70 sheets)
The oil-absorbing side of the sheet is powder coated.
Effectively absorbs excess oil.
Comes in an original JillStuart soft case with a mirror to easy and discreet touch-up anytime.

Cotton80 pieces

Pencil Sharpener